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Anthony Masek was born into a family of lawyers. His father Peter Masek is a businessman and a CEO of a law company, which he owns with his wife Simona Maskova. Although that he is born in Czech Republic, he grew in a bilingual household and with the guidance of his father and language coaches he is able to speak in a British (RP accent) and an American (Mid-western) accent. Tony went on to pursuit his career in acting. He graduated acting conservatory of Prague in 2017. During his time in school he had some projects like Dr. Kellerová or Modrý Kód. After school he got into the international acting business. He shot projects such as Shadow or Bone or Spiderman: Far from Home.
In the 2016 he went to London on intensive LAMDA Shakespeare course. In 2015 being sixteen years of age he went to Los Angeles on film acting workshop called NYFA. Where he learned the basics of acting for film. During his time in school he attended his first training of Krav Maga being eighteen years old, with no vision and no particular goal in this martial art. But then he became better and better and now days when he is twenty-two he is a 4rd belt in Krav Maga and it led him to explore various other martial arts such as Thai-box, BJJ or MMA.

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