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Paul “COSMA” Cimpoieru is a profesional actor with the abilities of a dancer & choreographer. Having the visage of a bad guy and the charisma, moves and stamina reminiscent of Baryshnikov, he has catapulted to a premier stage in Romanian theater & film.


After completing an internship at the acclaimed Actor’s Studio (in New York City), Paul Cimpoieru moved forward in the world of cinema. In addition to his successful career in theater / dance, he has appeared in several feature films, short films and documentaries. His special look and skills, along with his dedication and the artistic involvement on the set, make him a special character and actor.


He launched his theater career in 2008 in Bucharest when he co-founded a independent Theater Company “Two of Us” which is mainly a laboratory for art research & development of dramatic expression.

The Company is their home where he’s acting also as director, writer, choreographer for his plays and experimental movies.


Since then, he has toured the globe with his various performances and the company's shows has been presented around the world in places like Belgrade, Paris, London, Rome, New York, Russia, India, China, Canada.


Recently, he created the award-winning one-man solo trilogy  “ecce HOMO”.

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