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Nick Avila is building a reputation as a classically trained actor, with talent, energy, and looks resembling a young Christian Bale. With his mixed background, he can play caucasian and ethnically diverse characters. He has played the leading role of Tony in Westside Story in theatre and has recently starred in several festival-circuit films.


Training: Matthew Barry


Work History: Film, Television, Theatre

Athletics: Nick has a high level of proficiency at most sports, including Baseball, Basketball, Body Building, Body Surfing, Boxing, Cycling/Mountain Biking, Equestrian/General, Equestrian/Western, Football, Golf, Kayaker, Shooting/Rifle


Music Skills: Disc Jockey, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Singer, Vocal Range: Tenor, Vocal Style: Rapper and Pop


Additional Notes: Dual Citizenship: United States and Spain; Fluent in Spanish



Nick has performed various American dialects and is versed in the following accents: Australian, British - Cockney/ Geordie, Canadian, Eastern European, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Russian, Spanish (Fluent in Spanish)


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