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Michael Pitthan was born in Germany and raised in the U.K. Currently based in Prague, he works in film, TV and theatre in both English and German. He had the pleasure to work alongside Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row (Amazon) and to be directed by Michael Apted in Unlocked (Di Bonaventura Pictures). Michael particularly enjoyed his role as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the award-winning German TV show Charité. He can also be seen in productions such as Chata Na Prodej (Netflix), World on Fire, Das Boot, 12 Monkeys, and Knightfall. He looks forward to seeing the newly released TV production of Atlantic Crossing (Cinenord), starring Kyle MacLachlan, in which he plays King George VI. When he's not on set or stage he can be found, in the kitchen cooking delicious stews, in the garden getting his fingernails dirty, or with friends producing his own projects, and given any opportunity, swinging a broad sword or rapier.

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