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Maria Bobeva was born in Bulgaria in the city of Burgas. А daughter of music and light designers, she grew up in the local theater where she got enchanted by the magic of acting. At the age of 9 she was cast in one of the theatre’s productions, which marked the beginning of her career. After graduating from high school she was accepted at The National Academy For Theatre And Film Arts. In her second year at the Academy she was invited to star as the lead in “The Queen of Kazalar'', production of one of the leading capital’s theater companies. A year before she graduated she was offered to become a part of the famous Satirical Theater. After a few successful years on stage she decided to pursue a movie career in Hollywood. In 2013 she made her stage debut in the City of Angels with the play “Bechnya”, a collaborative product of talented Bulgarians based in California, followed by several award winning feature and short films ( “She Comes in Spring'', “Faded”etc.). In 2016, after auditioning, Maria was accepted in James Franco’s master class at his famous film school “Studio 4”. In 2017 she finished her script for the short film “ AuДition”, which drew the attention of the Sundance winning cinematographer Sevdije Kastrati and the director Sarah Jean Kruchowski, who was Franco’s associate at "Studio 4". The film, in which she also plays the lead, has traveled the world as an official selection of numerous prestigious festivals and has been awarded with one of the most desirable trophies for any actor - Best Lead Actress for Maria in Sydney, Australia. She is currently working on the production of her first feature film script “Day Player”

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