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Marek Lichtenberg, is a professionally trained, multi-lingual and multi-dimensional entrepreneurial Actor and Model with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. He has a passion for fitness, nutrition and well being. Recently Marek has demonstrated his expertise by acting, producing and making a number of productions.


Marek has been cast in a varied portfolio of productions including movies, TV shows, short films, commercials and high profile brand campaigns in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia. This includes filmed roles for TV shows for national and international major networks.


After practicing as a barrister, he started with international modeling,  and acting was a quick following natural progression. Formal international acting training ensued. 


Marek is available for all productions, film projects and fashion campaigns. He is diversely skilled, accomplished and well rounded with training focusing on TV and Film plus specialized training in firearms combat, marksmanship, martial arts, weaponry, stage combat which all supplement his formal acting training. He is fluent in English (various accents), German, Italian, Czech, Slovak and Spanish basics. 


Marek's current activities include charitable work, horse riding, learning Mandarin, and being an inspirational coach often focusing on mental well-being whilst continuing his professional development of acting, modeling and fitness. 

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