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Born in Prešov to family of lawyers, Livia decided to become an actress. She started studying ballet when she was four. She premiered in front of the audience at the Jonáš Záborský Theater in Prešov.

At age 14, she moved to Bratislava to study acting, which she graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts.

Already during her studies, she performed at the Radošina Naive Theater. In 2006 she began to perform at the Slovak National Theater, where she played 10 years until she decided to become a freelancer.

She starred in many Czech, Slovak and foreign films and  series, as Methanol, Forest of the Dead, Gendarmes from Luhačovice, The One Who Loved You, Rapl, Living Targets, 12 Monkeys or Perinbaba 2. Livia is currently working on new upcoming movie General, (story about M.R.Stefanik) Livia plays a role of Stefanik’s mother,Albertina Stefanikova. Besides that she is working on Ultimatum; an upcoming political thriller miniseries for slovak Television.

Lívia is fluent in Slovak, Czech, English, French and Russian.

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