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Leon  grew up in a creative and spiritually educated  atmosphere. Although he experienced much  domestic violence between his mom(Cordelia T. Harris) and his father. His mom a songstress herself and a former singer with K.C. and The Sunshine Band is also an innovator and an inspiration to women everywhere. She shares her experiences  in abuse to hopefully be able to help other women in the same situation. She also is creating her music again and recording along side designing in apparel wear for both men and women. Leon Himself always sought after his creative ability for comfort and peace. His art and characters have evolved  in great depths leading not only to writing but also in publications. He  gives the development of his creativity  and nurturing to God, His  Mom and his Godmothers  Margaret Reynolds of singing group(Revelation S.E.E.D.)And Betty Wright. Leon also is exploring  his music talents in the field of writing and performing. As a child he was involved with and played in a band  and various school  musical productions having played the Trumpet and the Trombone. His aspirations  is to be an actor and  incorporate his art and characters into a live feature and or mainstream series. Leon moved to Los Angeles shortly after high school. He went to The Art Institute of Los Angeles, where he graduated with a degree in Art, Animation and Design. While attending school there he also was booking his first acting and modeling gig. He met his very first celebrity (Oscar De La Hoya) while on a modeling gig, he booked through his school for a paid internship to design and develop characters for a gaming company called Black Ops Entertainment. Such games Leon modeled for are Knock Out Kings 2, Oscar De La Hoya's boxing game. And Bounty Hunter. Leon also made his way to getting the attention of actress Kim Fields from (The Facts Of Life) t.v. Show mom. Whom at the time was directing a called (The Parkers) for the then U.P. N. Network.Leon studied scenes with the directors and producers of the show while on set. And Leon also had some featured scenes in the episodes. Shortly after that. Leon was submitted for a soap opera called (Days Of Our Lives). This is where Leon would get his first U/5 contract, and be able to register into the SAG union. From there Leon was auditioning frequently for (The Young And The Restless) and (The Bold And The Beautiful. Leon then ran into while at an industry part. One of the cast from the t.v. Show, (The Flavor Of Love  starring and hosted by rapper (Flavor Flav). Leon was invited to a table read by one of the cast members. And the director hired him for a role based off of his read for the absent actors characters. Leon was in a movie called Project Purgatory. A military sci fi film. Written and directed by (Kantz CEO of Modus Operandi Pictures) The director also wrote and produced  the theatrical release (Love And A Bullet). Starring Naughty By Nature rapper TREACH. Leon went on to be in more films written by the Director Kantz. Such films include (Wasteland), And a  then in production  The Lee Sisters. Leon continued his venture in the entertainment arena, and was interviewed by various magazine publications such as Fever Magazine, Playgirl Magazine and Majesty Magazine. Leon currently is still acting,writing and drawing. He was currently in Whiskey Sour. A short film that is starring actress Gigi Edgely from the sci fi called Farscape. Leon Plays Frank the Bartender. And Leon is also in a drama comedy called (Wally Got Wasted) available on Amazon Prime. Leon also has two of his comicbook/graphicnovels out on the market that he created called(Soul Stones Ecclesiastes Mistress Of Souls. The series is an action sci fi adventure that is very esoteric. The series covers magic sorcery and spells. The books are available via digital  on And in print  also on the website, The series has been optioned twice already. And Leon is currently writing and developing the next books, while still enjoying his acting and auditioning.

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