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Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Lazarus Guidry is a multi-talented writer, actor, producer and hip-hop recording artist. Shortly after college Lazarus left the comfort of his southern home and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Once settled in the City of Angels, Lazarus put his talents to work in the recording studio, and it wasn’t long before he landed a single on the soundtrack for the 2006 hit movie “Alpha Dog” starring Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone  & Justine Timberlake. After the success of the movie, Lazarus released “Heart of a Hustler”. As an avid health and fitness buff, Lazarus had spent many years bodybuilding and training others. As a competitive bodybuilder, he

rose quickly in the ranks and placed first in several statewide competitions.

Balancing both careers he would then add to his resume writing and producing. Inspired by the art of storytelling, Lazarus would stay up writing for days at a time! He has written, sci-fi scripts, period pieces, dramatic narratives, actions, thrillers, comedies and an entire superhero comic book series called “The Reign of the Underdog Featuring Lazarus” starring himself. As he continued to perfect his craft, Lazarus’ makes his way to the big screen in the feature “Carter ́s Wish,” followed up by “King of the Underground” where he worked alongside Malcolm Jamal Warner and Richard T. Jones.

Adding yet another title to his resume enters “Executive Producer”, Lazarus Guidry. After taking several meetings, receiving several and watching numerous sizzle reels and shorts, Lazarus decided to sign on as EP and bring funding to the movie #CokeGirl. The film is expected to go into release in 2020..

Other credits include: “The Runaways” on Hulu, and USA Networks; “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B. I. G.” propelled Lazarus into the world of television. His most notable role came as a strong, yet vulnerable, character in the multi- award winning film, “Straight Outta Compton.”

While in his creative space, intrigued by the unknown Lazarus has tapped into genres that challenge and open up ones psyche, topics that evoke emotions and stimulate thought provoking conversations such as: What’s beyond the horizon? What is real? What drives us as humans? And how can we think outside of the worldly constructs that have been put into place for us to live by and empower ourselves to dig deeper to search for more than meets the eye? It is not only is goal to act in and/or produce content that entertains, but it is dually his desire to create content that educates and offers answers and suggestions to some of the mysteries here and beyond. Fearlessly moving from behind the scenes to the forefront, Lazarus Guidry is a creative force seeking to inspire and entertain cinema lovers, gamers and readers through the art of storytelling. 

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