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Johana is a Czech actress originally from Prague. She has attended drama classes since the age of 10 and built a substantial base of acting skills. She won various national and international competitions in poetry reading, solo performance and melodrama. She became a laureate of Czech national competition, Wolker Prostějov, with the solo performance of Afghan Album.


While still a student, Johana made her film debut with the Czech movie Dodgeball directed by Petr Nikolaev premiering in Prague, Bratislava and London. She played one of the lead roles, young Hujerová, based on the book of bestselling author Michal Viewegh.


After graduating from Grammar school, Johana moved abroad to improve her language skills. As a result, she is fluent in French and English.


In Autumn 2019, Johana decided to fully pursue a career as a film actress and took various acting classes on camera with the best acting coaches in Prague. Under the wings of David Stejskal and Ivo Consi she quickly improved her acting abilities and booked several roles in short films, indie movies and international productions.

Ivo describes Johana as ‘a young promising versatile actress who can perform anything’.


In her free time, Johana devotes herself to modern jazz dance and improvisation.

She has also appeared as a dancer in the film Narziss und Goldmund by Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitsky.


Johana is highly-driven and loves learning new skills for roles. Through embodying different characters she is able to portray the necessary empathy to deliver realistic and impactful performances on screen.

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