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Darya Tregubova was born in Kiev, Ukraine and became a movie fan since childhood. Dasha graduated from a specialized English school and a music school (piano class). At the age of 17, she saw the movie “Der Himmel über Berlin” , and decided to connect her life with cinema.

She received her degree in directing at the Institute of Cinema and Television (of national University of Culture and Arts). At the age of 18 she became a TV presenter, and at 22 she started her actor’s career. Now her acting showreel has over 70 films and TV series. Including the feature film "The Stranger", which received more than 10 awards at the international festivals and entered the top 20 horror films of 2020 by the British edition “The People's Movies”.

She starred in the movie While We Sleep (directed by Andrzej Sekula), which is expected to premiere in 2021.

Also she produced 10 TV series as a creative producer and now is expected to make her director’s debut this year in a feature detective thriller.

During her career, Darya was twice awarded as an Actress of the Year, TV presenter of the year, she was included in the rating of the 100 most beautiful people of Ukraine, her Playboy’s photoshoot entered the top-100 world’s photoshoots in 2008

When Darya is not acting, she hosts the Ukrainian X-factor and the major Ukrainian film award Golden Dzyga, writes scripts, reads modern poetry in her popular online project, sings jazz and drives a motorcycle.

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