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Damian Odess-Gillett is an American actor, based in Prague. He started acting at age 9, after being cast as Oliver, in a local theater production of Oliver Twist, in Suffield, Connecticut. After participating in summer acting courses for children, he continued in local theater. In high school, at the Academy at Charlemont, he studied drama under Jody Scalise (New Vaudeville theater troupe, The Wright Bros.) and later under Teri Schrader, in West Hartford, Connecticut. His other hobbies included playing soccer, dancing, singing and magic. After high school, he moved to Prague to study Film. In 2005, he got his start acting in front of the camera, after being noticed by a talent agent, while performing magic. He began appearing in TV commercials, serials and films, and continues to act on stage with the Pitch Black Theater company. He currently splits his time between performing magic and

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