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Daisy Kosmider is a Swedish international actress, based in Prague Czech Republic. Her interest of creative work started early, but it was late in her career after working with film production and Marketing Management that she committed to her passion for acting. 

In 2018, after taking various acting courses and workshop with focus on method acting, she completed her studies with honors of Screen Acting at the Prague Film School alongside running her own location-independent business.

Her recent work includes the Swedish feature film, “Drömmar om Las Vegas” that will be released 2020. She has also appeared in Scandinavian TV- series like Greyzone(2018),and The Bridge (2018), as well as the Danish TV-series Kriger(2019) and feature film Hacker (2019). In 2019 she was 4x awarded "best actress" and "best supporting actress". 

She speaks Swedish and Danish and English. Her trained English accents are American Standard and British RP. She also speaks some German and French. 

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