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Annamaria Janekova was born on September 26th in Bratislava, Slovakia. She studied at the Academy of performing arts in Bratislava, earning her title Master of arts in acting. She also studied at the Baron Brown acting Studio founded by Joanne Baron in Los Angeles, being taught the Meisner Technique for acting. As a child she grew up in Germany and Slovakia which contributed to the actress being multilingual. She speaks Slovak, English, and German, therefore making her eligible and promising for an international career. Her credits include stage productions at the Slovak National Theater, the City Theater in Bratislava, and her latest work in portraying a character role in Jan Hřebejks HBO series “the Winner”.

Annamaria is a hardworking passionate individual, using all creativity, vulnerability and imagination to deliver the best performances for film and theater. Her greatest strengths are intellect, persistence, strong will and determination to accomplish and deliver best results for her work. She constantly works on widening her own intellectual range, combining playfulness and intelligence when creating a character. She loves to read and is very intrigued in understanding the full complexity of a human personality. She is a good singer and has a big affection for horses and dogs. She is very adaptable and a fast learner for new skills. Annamaria always prepares for roles and collects all needed information such as behavioral, emotional and historical context. She demonstrates the proven ability to learn lines quickly with profound knowledge of Meisner technique.

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